Palty Bubble Foam - Marshmallow Ash

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Brand: Dariya
Origin: Japan
Palty Bubble Foam Marshmallow Ash
PALTY is a super trendy hair coloring & styling brand in Japan, an easy and fun to use products with trendy & attractive results. The bubble-based formula gives you the easiest way to get an attractive look with convenience, while at the same time provides treatment effects to maintain your hair beauty.
Mix the solutions into foam, apply it into clean, dry hair. Wait for 20-30 minutes before wash off. Shampoo then apply the included hair treatment and wash off.


There may be a chance of rare allergic reaction to hair coloring. The following people must not use the product: a) people who have experienced a rash from using this or other hair coloring products. B) People who felt bad during use or immediate after. c) People who suffer sensitive skin or scalp (when they are sick, recovering form sickness, menstruation or pregnant) d) People who suffer from skin diseases, injuries or swelling on their head, face or neck. Do Not use on Infants.