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Your Essential Wear and Care Guide

Its easy for everyone to wear lenses , but taking care of your lenses may require some knowledge and some self-discipline. Hence it is very important to follow a proper contact lens care regimen to avoid harmful eye injuries. This is because when handling lenses incorrectly it would cause permanent damage to the lenses and maybe to your eyes. So I.FairyCon is here to guide and help you to minimize that unnecessary damage by following these contact lens care routine.

FIRST STEP: Check your lens to see if there is any defects before opening the bottle .We have tried our best to cross check all the lenses before ship out. Nevertheless please spend at least a minute to check their conditions in the bottle:

 1.   See if the lens is expired

 2.   See if the lens have any tears or damage

 3.   See if both lenses are the same color

 4.   See if the bottle is broken

 If yes to any of the above, you may need to contact I.FairyCon for exchange of products. If everything is good, go to the


 SECOND STEP: Open the vial bottle

Steps to open,

 1.    Open up the plastic cap (There is small indicator at the lens cover)

 2.    Pull plastic cap off together with the steal seal

 3.    Push off the remaining steal seal

 4.    Remove the bottle cork

5.    A scissor may help if you find the plastic cap or steal seal is too difficult to pull off




THIRD STEP: Checking before usage

1. Make sure your lenses are soaked at least 8 hours in multipurpose solution before putting them on to disinfect any substance that may appear during lens processing.  Don’t risk your eyes simply because of impatience. Your eyes and matters most.  

FOURTH STEP: Hand Hygiene and keeping your lens in a hygiene condition is essential when handling your lens As we know, the lens will be inserted to eye area. Therefore a good hygiene would help to minimize the risk of bacterial infection.

Few tips as follow:

 Always wash your hands thoroughly with a mild soap, rinse carefully and dry before
  touching your lenses.
  Do not use oily cosmetics, soaps containg cold cream, lotions or creams before handling
  your lenses. It is best to insert your lenses before putting on make-up

  Keep your eyes closed when using hairspray or other aerosols.

  Seek professional advice about wearing lenses during sporting activities.

  Always follow the instructions in this leaflet and any advice given to you by your Eye Care
  Practitioner for the correct handling, insertion, removal, cleaning, disinfecting, storing and
  use of your lenses.

  Never wear lenses longer than the period prescribed.

  Do not use the lens if the sterile package has been opened or the tamper evident seal is


FIFTH STEP: Insertion of LensIt is never been easy for new user to put on the lenses. Hence we will put the steps in laymen language to make your life easier.






To avoid mix-ups, develop the habit of always inserting the first lens in your tight eye. Before inserting the lens, check to see it is free of any nicks or tears. If it appears damaged, throw it away. Check the lens has not turned inside out. Place the lens on the tip of your forefinger and hold above eye level; you are looking at the bowl of the lens from the outside

 Remember to start with your right eye. Once the lens has been examined 
  and you are sure it is not inside out, place it on the tip of your forefinger.
 Place the middle finger of the same hand close to your lower eyelashes 
  and pull down the lower lid.
 Use the forefinger or middle finger of the other hand to lift the upper lid
  and place the lens on the eye.
 Gently release both lids and blink.
 Repeat these steps for the left lens.

There are other methods of lens placement. If the above method is difficult for you, your Eye Care Practitioner can provide an alternative.
Usually, the lens centers itself automatically on the middle of your eye when insert it and will very rarely be displaced on to the white of your eye during wear.
However, this can occur if insertion and removal are not performed properly.
To center a lens, follow either of these methods.

 Close your eyelids and gently massage the lens into place through 
  the closed lid.
 Or, Gently manipulate the off-centered lens onto the middle of your eye
  while the eye is opened, using finger pressure on the edge of the 
  upper or lower lid.

If your vision is blurred after inserting the lens, check for the following;

 The lens may not be centered on the eye. Check the instructions above.
 If the lens is in the correct position, remove it and look for the following;
           a. Cosmetics or oils on the lens. remove it and wear again.
           b. The lens may be on the wrong eye.
           c. The lens may be inside out, which would also make it less
               comfortable than normal.


SIXTH STEP: Discomfort lens & Daily Care 

Taking care of the lenses when they are in your eyes. It is important to take care of your eye and lenses when in usage.

 1.    Check if your eyes are dry

 2.    If dry, you can always use LYCEE EYEDROP to moisturize your eyes

 3.    Don’t worry its normal for dry eyes given the dry weather or air-conditioned office

 4.    If you feel there is a discomfort in your eyes. Remove the lens immediately if you feel burn/stinging sensation on the eyes or any discomfort

5.    After removal, check if the lens has been soaked for at least 8 hours, or turned inside out, or any visible defects

6.    Try the discomfort lens on the other eye and see if the discomfort persist. If the discomfort persists, then please check with the eye doctor or seek help from I.Fairycon. 

Things advised NOT TO DO when wearing lens:

 1.    NEVER swim with lenses in eyes

 2.    NEVER wear lenses in sauna/ steam room

 3.    NEVER wear more than 8 hours a day

 4.    NEVER sleep with your lenses while they are in your eyes

 5.    NEVER share your lens with others

 6.    NEVER go near anything with heat (eg.BBQ) with lenses on it might melt your lenses in your eyes


SEVENTH STEP: Removal of Lens


Wash, rinse and dry your hands thoroughly. Always ensure that the lens is on the middle of your eye before attempting to remove it.

To locate the lens, inspect the upper area of the eye by looking down into a mirror while pulling the upper lid up. Then inspect the lover area by pulling   the lower lid down.
  Once you have found the lens, you can remove it by using the pinch   method introduced below or any other method recommended by your Eye Care Practitioner.

 Look left, slide the lens down to the white of your eye using 
  your forefinger.
 Gently pinch the lens between your thumb and forefinger and 
  remove the lens



EIGHTH STEP: Cleaning and Storage of Lens

 After removal, you need to find a right place to store your lenses.

There are few tips as follow:

1.    Have you lens case ready

2.    Throw away the previous solution in the case

3.    Wash the lens case ONLY with the multipurpose solution ABSOLUTELY NOT with tap water

4.    Put several drops of multipurpose solution into the contact lens case

5.    Put the contact lens on the palm of your lens

6.    Put few drops of solution onto the lens and rub it softly for about 15 seconds. This would help to remove the germs

7.    Place your lens into the lens case

8.    Make sure lens are soaked in multipurpose solutions

9.    Store your lens at room temperature

10.  Please be reminded to ensure the cap is closed tight when not in use

11.   FACT: If you are using cutie animal lens case, you are best advised to change the lens case every three months to avoid germs or bacterial growth

12.   Recommended: Change your solution everyday to avoid germs or bacterial growth  

REMINDER: Blurry Image at the Edge of Sight

It is also when you order some brands or patterns of circle lens, it will give you blurry image.

1.   Check if the lens is blurry at the center or at the edge of the sight

2.   If the lens is blurry at the edge of the sight, it may be considered as normal. This may be caused by the color and the pattern of the lens where it accidentally covers some areas of your pupils.

3.   Importantly, vision will improve after you undergo the adaptation period

4.   If the blurry image occurs at the center of the sight, then you can contact I.Fairycon  for more information


Now you can enjoy yourself with your new circle lens after learning tips and guides on how to care for your lens.



Best Wishes
 I.Fairycon Team

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