1-Day Acuvue Define with Lacreon (Vivid Style) - (30pcs)

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Enhance your eyes with the new 1-Day Acuvue Define Vivid with Lacreon contact lenses of Johnson & Johnson. This beautiful dark brown ring with soft brown spokes defines the natural pattern of the iris making your eyes appear bigger and more vibrant. 

The new 1-Day Acuvue Define lenses with Lacreon are daily disposable contact lenses to enhance your beauty in a natural, subtle way. They make your eyes look bigger, brighter and more beautiful, in a natural way that nobody will know your secret.


LACREON® Technology 
Creates a Lasting Moisture Cushion for 20 Hours or More


The only beauty enhancement contact lens with locked-in wetting agent which creates a moisture cushion up to 20 hours for end of day comfort.



Brand: Johnson & Johnson Acuvue 

Water Content: 58%
Diameter: 14.2mm
Base Curve: 8.5
Duration: Daily Disposable

Package: 30 pcs (15 pairs) all of the same power.  Please order 2 boxes if you have different power for each eye.


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