Posted by Retty on 11th Jun 2015

17 Things Only Girls Who Wear Contact Lenses Will Understand

1. Constantly trying to remember when your pair will expire. You know you should really write the dates down, but you NEVER DO.

2. The pain of shelling out a huge amount of money for lenses, solution, and drops. Yeah, don’t even try to do mental math to figure out how much you’ve spent on them.

3. Getting dry eyes only to realize that you left your eye drops at home. Why. Why am I so irresponsible???

4. Feeling so helpless when you’re forced to sit in front of a fan for an event. #cries

5. Getting dirt/dust/an eyelash stuck in your eyes and trying your best to stay cool because you are in the middle of something important. And for some reason, it always happens when you’re in the middle of something important—like when you’re driving.

6. Feeling like there’s something in your eye when there’s actually nothing there. *deep breath*

7. Impromptu sleepovers stress you out. Because chances are, you never bring your contacts solution and case with you, so you end up storing your lenses in random glasses and bottle caps with water. Hassle.

8. When a lens rips or falls out in the middle of the day, you know you’re screwed. Now you have to walk around not being able to see with one eye the whole day. Ayt. Cool.

9. Accidentally falling asleep with your contacts on. Not only do you wake up with bloodshot eyes, but your contacts now feel like they’re glued to your eyeballs. No bueno.

10. Interchanging your lenses. WHY. AM. I. SO. DIZZY.

11. Having mornings when your contacts just won’t stick onto your eyes. And you do your very best not to break down. Because you just want to have your life together and start your day.

12. Carefully applying eye makeup only to stain your lenses. You’re forced to take them out and rinse them, because that is the right thing to do. Totally staying away from tightlining now.

13. Crying = double whammy. You always end up with a horrible headache and irritated eyes. So you end up wearing glasses the next day.

14. And when you do end up wearing glasses, people always say things like “I didn’t know you wore glasses!” or “You look so much better with glasses on!” And you’re left there thinking, “Oh, okay, thanks?”

15. Going swimming knowing that you can’t open your eyes underwater. No underwater photos for you, then!

16. But there is that beautiful feeling of removing your contacts at the end of a day. It’s almost as satisfying as removing your bra, really.

17…only to realize that you “can’t find” your eyeglasses. And you end up just wanting to sit in a corner and cry because you really don’t remember where you last left your specs. It’s not on your bedside table, it’s not on your vanity, and it’s not on your bathroom counter. Because it is on your desk. At work. Okay, good night. 

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PHOTO: (Instagram) @maxenemagalona