Posted by Satu13 on 14th Mar 2016

Geo Nudy Golden Blue Review by Satu13

Geo Nudy Golden Blue review

Hey guys!

I haven't posted anything on my blog in a while, maily due to me being a lazy butthole~ But I'm planning to post a new EOS lens review soon and perhaps some other stuff also, we'll see!

So here goes a review of a pair of circle lenses that I wanted to try long ago, but only recently got the opportunity to buy; The Nudy Golden Blue lenses from GEO. . The customer service was great just like with my previous order from them, they will quickly answer any inquiries and inform you about the updates concerning your order.
The (standard) shipping took about 2 weeks this time because I ordered around Christmas so it was naturally delayed a bit.

Basic curve: 8.60
Diameter: 14.2
Lifespan: 1 year
Water content: 38%

Link to product

I was worried if the pattern would look very pixelated in real life on my eyes, but they actually look fine! They also make my eyes look brighter which is one of the main reasons I like these lenses. The color of these is a natural light grey-ish blue color; not a dull grey, not a fake blue. Awesome!

They look the best in bright day light or with flash photography I think~ I live in northern Sweden now and the sun doesn't shine much here at all but I will try to snap some pics in such conditions one day when the sun comes here. :D

They turned out surprisingly enlarging on me in my opinion, if I didn't know that the diameter is only 14.2mm I would think it's 14.5 or 15mm. Niiice!

Now they do get a bit dry after a while, but they are comfortable to wear. They are not as comfy as my previous Vassen or iFairy lenses but very close. I usually wear them for 4-6 hours and I've never had any comfort problems with them so far.

I will rate these lenses 4.5 out of 5 ! (*✧ω✧*) I would love to try the Nudy Blue pair after these. I love how these look natural yet somewhat outstanding at the same time.