16th Mar 2015

ICodi Colors of The Wind No.12 Peanut Gold Review by Jessica Vu


Hello! This is my review for iFairyCon’s Colors Of The Wind - No.12 Peanut Gold lenses.

They arrived pretty quickly (a week after they were delivered) for a package from Malaysia. They offered tracking codes, but they gave me the link to the wrong website. If they link you to ezyparcels.net, just know that they mean ezyparcels.com!

I was heading out when I checked the mail so some of these pics were taken in the car lmao

This is the package they came in:

Contents: instructions for the review, the lens, and a cute lens case!

once the bubble wrap was rolled out:

I think i-CODI’s packaging was pretty cool. The little flap reminded me of Hello Panda heh

I got plano lens (no prescription) which really bothers me! I must’ve forgotten to mention my poor eyesight when they contacted me but it’s ok; I’ll make sure to let them know next time!




Brand: I-CODI
Origin: South Korea
Water content: 55%
Diameter: 15 mm
Base Curve: 8.6
Duration: One Year Disposable

iFairyCon had mentioned to me that their newest brand was i-Codi and I really liked the design of the Peanut Gold lenses. I wanted brown lenses because I thought they’d tone down the wild design a bit.

I was super excited about this case! It’s so cute! Lil blue hippos hehe

The lens here looks really light but if you have dark eyes it’s not going to be that light


Without lens:

With lens on flash:

With lens:



Englargement: 5/5

I’ve never had 15 mm lenses before but I think they’re the perfect size!

Comfort: 5/5

So comfy! I just wish they were prescribed so I could wear them out without my huge glasses

Color: 5/5

They were very noticeably lighter than my natural eyes. “Peanut Gold” suits the lenses perfectly. They’re sort of orangey-gold. But don’t be fooled by the stock photos; they’re not that orange.

Design: 5/5

The design was very cute! It reminded me of a cat I looked so fierce!

Thanks for reading! Remember to check out iFairyCon! Their e-store isstore.ifairycon.com :-)