5th Aug 2015

I-Codi No.37 Milk Lilac Review by Tanzoir

I-CODI colors of the wind - Milk Liliac review

Recently I.fairy (store.ifairycon.com/) gave me the chance to try out a pair of their contact lenses, and this will be a review of the lenses I got!

I had been looking for a set of purple/violet contact lenses to fit some of my upcoming cosplays. My choice landed on Milk Liliac.

I.fairy worked very fast, and within 10 days I had a brand new pair of contact lenses in my hands. They're also supereasy to communicate with, and very helpful.

They also provide prescription strenght, for us with less than perfect eyesight. I'm -2.50 on both eyes, and got them in that strenght exactly.

Untitled by Tanzoir

This is what the contact lenses looked like in their original packing.

Linserrrr by Tanzoir
.Before and after contact lenses. 2.Natural daylight. 3.Indoors with flash.

DSC 0038redd by Tanzoir
Full face photo wearing the contact lenses.


Brand: I-CODI

Origin: South Korea

Water content: 55%

Diameter: 15 mm

Base Curve: 8.6

Duration: One Year Disposable

Enlargement 5/5

I didn't actually expect them to enlargen my eyes all that much when I first saw them in their cases, but once I got them on my eyes, I was plesantly suprised! They made my eyes look a fair bit bigger, but not in an unatural way.

Comfort 5/5

I pretty much never have problems with contact lenses, as my eyes are pretty tough. Even so, I can still feel the difference between contact lenses, and these lenses were very comfortable! They felt like ordinary contact lenses, or actually, even better. They're supersoft and hydrated my eyes very well.

Color 5/5

The color I chose, Milk Liliac, is amazing. I wanted a ligther violet that would match my real eyecolour nicely. And they really did! I'm so happy with how it blends, and how soft the color is. Even for violet lenses they look quite natural.

Design 5/5

The design, as I've mentioned earlier, is very natural, but not in a bland way. The darker ring around iris makes your eyes pop, and it blends with the rest of the design nicely. It has natural specks of darker colours, which gives it that natural looking depth.

All in all I'm so very very happy with these lenses! Having light eyes can be very challenging as far as contact lenses are concerned. Always worrying if my blue eyecolor will show through or if it will cover properly. I did not find this a problem with these contact lenses at all. They fit my eyes incredibly well, and has made me want to get more I-Codi lenses in the future.

Last but not least, this was my first experience with I.fairy (store.ifairycon.com/), and I must say, this is my new go-to store for contact lenses. They're awesome! Thankyou so muhc for the opportunity! <3