Posted by felicitas on 21st Mar 2016

I.Fairy Kirei Green Review By Felikawaiiko

i.fairycon Kirei Green - Circle Lens Review

Hello everyone, it's Feli (´。• ᵕ •。`) ♡
I'm sorrry for the long break (again), but now I'm back with a new review!! This time it'll be about my new lenses from i.Fairycon. Actually, I got two pairs from them...but let's stay chronological.

Anyway, I NEED green lenses, I can't survive without them lol so I decided to order a new pair. My friend advised me to order from i.Fairycon, because she's made very good experience with them.

After looking through their whole store twice I decided for a lens called I.Fairy Kirei Green, which seems to be the shops very own design.

The cause why I decided for them is, that I wanted huge green lenses, instead of the average 14,5-15,0mm. These lenses have a diameter of 16,2mm.


There's no free shipping option and the cheapest option is about 6$, BUT the shipping is always tracked! The shipping time with the 6$ option is average I'd say. Both lenses took about 3weeks to arrive at my place.



The lenses get shipped in cute pink bubble wrap envelopes, so nothing can get destroyed, even if your postman is rude af and just smashes it against your door ... stuff like that ;3



Unicorns (´ε` )♡!!!!! Do I even have to say more? Well, I can tell you, that you only get the unicorn box when ordering an ifairycon brand. Any other lens will be shipped in their 'normal' packages which might differ from lens to lens.

Along with the lenses they'll also provide you a free animal lens case with every order as well as a card on which you can write down the time you can wear the lenses from the first opening. I think the card is pretty convenient.



And now we reach the point, which led me to get a second pair from them. Remember, I told you I've ordered green lenses, the name of the lens is kirei GREEN. I'm gonna show you what I've received



Even though the lenses are nothing like what I've expected, their quality is very high. They're super comfortable ヽ(*・ω・)ノ For someone like me who wears lenses on a daily basis they're super great! Though after some hours you should consider to use some eyedrops.



Their enlargement was wayyyyyy better...bigger? You probably know what I want to say. It's about the same as the one from my 15mm lenses.



Well, they've answered my complains super fast and they gave me50% off my next order (full refund or free lenses would've been better) and suggested me a green lens.


Lens Details

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