1st Apr 2015

I.Fairy Kirei Green Review by Teru Terumi

Lens Review ❤ i.Fairy ❤ Kirei Green Review ( ・ω・`)//~~

Hello Minna-san,

Today, I'm going to review a pair of iFairy Kirei Green lenses that I received quite a while ago, kindly sponsored by store.ifairycon.com :D !! Lately I have been looking for vibrant green lenses and I thought Kirei green looks pretty nice ;D I mean, look at how they gleam in the promo picture!! xD

Initially, I was quite skeptical about whether the promo picture will reflect how it looks in real life :( After all many lenses look nicer in the promo picture than in real life *sigh* . Looking at the design though, it has yellow inner ring which I have observed will help make the lens design look more vibrant in real life.

So after musing over it for a while I submitted my choice to iFairycon and decided to review this pair of beauties ;D. iFairycon's package arrived bubble wrapped nicely soon after (they really work fast!! :D!!) They've also included a cute lens case ;D (the "ears" on the lens case's caps makes it easier to open/close the case ;D)

I really am a sucker for pretty packaging >3< look at that pretty box!!

Lenses bubble wrapped nicely :3

Now enough with my procrastination with the package hahaha xD

Lets move on to the lenses ;D

Lens Information
Brand: I.Fairy
Origin: South Korea
Water content: 55%
Diameter: 16.2mm
Base Curve: 8.6

Duration: One Year Disposable

So, here's how the lenses look in its bottle packaging :D. You can already see the colours and some of the design :)

And this is how they look in the lens case :D. The full design !!!

look really pretty right xD (*‿*✿)

Without further ado , this is how it looks like when worn

and here is how it looks under different lighting !!!

Review :
I love the design! Before I tried the pair, I was actually really worried if the green will show. I kept asking myself, "The green looks really faint, will it show on brown eyes?" / "will the green be too transparent to counteract my dark eye colour?" / "will the green show at all?" After trying, I'd say I'm pretty happy :) The yellow ring does enhance the green colour in pictures and under window/camera lighting :). The design on the outer rim does show a bit and you can see a visible green ring just inside the limbus ring ;D (the outer black ring)
Comfort ♥♥♥
As with most iFairy lenses, I find these pair pretty comfortable. My eyes adjusted pretty quickly and I wore it for 7-8 hours on my first day without any discomfort :)
Enlargement ♥♥♥♥♡

These are a huge pair ;D !! iFairy is around 16,2mm if I'm not mistaken and yep, it does enlarge a lot ! ;D

Colour ♥♥♥
The green does show fabulously on camera (even under shadowy lighting!) However, its not opaque (the green is slightly translucent) and thus , although the lucency does make it blend nicely with our natural eye colour , the green doesnt pop out . :( Despite looking not too bright off camera, I am not sure why but it shows up pretty well on both phone camera and a DSLR ❤ !!! O3O and my friends can tell very clearly from a few meters away that I am wearing a pair of green lenses. So if you want a pair of vibrant green lenses that is suitable for casual wear, this is one to consider when you want it about 50% vibrant :3 . It pairs up nicely with gyaru eye make up ❤. But if you're looking for something GLARING / OPAQUE (ie.for cosplay , halloween etc) this is a good pair for photoshoot (because it shows well on camera :D) and you can consider it for events (it won't scream "GREEEEEEN" but will rather show a mellow gleaming kind of green ;D) Lastly, the green here veer more towards aqua green than grass green ,so some people may not expect it as it looks more like grass green on the promotinal picture - just an extra information as you may want to take this into account especially if you are a coser who seeks accuracy ;)

In conclusion:

Will I buy it again ?

Yep!!! I think it has a pretty gleam of green both for daily use and for photoshoots when you actually have proper lighting to bring out the colour in your lenses. So yep, I'll probably get a pair again after this pair becomes unusable just to stock up in case I need one pair for a shoot or just for casual wear ;D

Aaaand thats all for today !!

Hope its useful :)