24th Nov 2016

I.Fairy Poppy Grey Review By Satu13

As I promised, here is a new review of the Poppy grey pair from I.fairy~.

Ever since I first tried this pair I was really excited to share this review, because this has become my favourite pair of grey lenses ever, so here it goes:
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Very bright and..sparkly! xD It has a bit of a blue hue in it which I was not expecting, and I like it very very much~

Impressively comfortable I must say! I guess it's partly because of the 55% water content.

They didn't feel dry even after a few hours. I can't feel them either. I don't know how but they are just the best.

Love this pair <3

My next review will be about the Poppy Blue lenses, though I won't have time to write that until January or later~