Bonanza Q10 Zymo Membrane 250g

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Brand: Bonanza
Size: 250g
Origin: Taiwan
Effect: Brightening, Repairing

Bonanza 宝艺 Q10 Active-Moisture Menbrane 保湿冷敷剂 250g.FG第三屆面膜類特別推薦獎,知名藝人及百萬人氣部落客熱情狂推. The third FG mask series Choice Award, been recommended by many famous artist and blogers.

BONANZA Zymo-excitative Membraneous, a watery, clear and natural mask, deeply clears away dirt inside pores.
Can be used every day. Allows you to finish main skincare regimen including cleansing, brightening and recovery of skin elasticity in just one step.

How to Use: 

After face cleansing, wipe appropriate amount on face (thickness about 0.5cm), apply about 30 to 40 minutes (don't wait until the membrane getting dry), use the special spatular to scrape off the membrane, and clean by water. 

Make sensitive skin test before use.

If happen the side-effect below, please stop use it and get consultant from Dermatologist.

(1)Swollen and itchy or any  abnormal effect.

(2)Appear effect above when expore under the sun after use.

(3)Please avoid the swollen and wound area.



Review from artist : Claudia (吳文萱)