Disney iPool Auto Vibrating Lens Case Cleanser (Mickey)

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iPool ver. 2 now features our favorite beloved Disney characters Mickey & Minnie and Donald & Daisy!

IPOOL is an auto contact lens cleaner that utilizes advanced silver nano-particle technology to effectively clean your contact lenses. It is the ideal solution that provides your everyday routine job with ease. 

The IPOOL cleaner includes a cute anti-bacterial lens case and is also compatible with Miofriends cases.  You can put the case into the IPOOL device and switch it on to clean, which is accomplished by means of powerful electromotor vibration.  After cleaning is done, simply remove the case and you're good to go! 
Miottica's contact lens case products are coated with nano silver particles.  Upon contact with moisture, the silver particles releases Ag+ ions which damage the cell membranes of bacteria and inhibit their replication.