Freshlook Dailies Blue

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FreshLook Dailies are 1-day disposable contact lenses perfect for those who want to begin their adventure with contacts or would like to wear them only occasionally. These colored contact lenses can be worn in the morning and then discarded at the end of the day.
Thanks to LightStream åÐ patented technology allowing to produce extra thin lenses, FreshLook Dailies are very comfortable, even for new contact lens users.
FreshLook Dailies is approved by US FDA.


Brand: Freshlook
Water content: 69%
Diameter: 13.8 mm
Base Curve: 8.6
Duration: 1 Day Disposable
Package: 10 pcs (5 pairs) of the same power.  Please order quantity of 2 if you have different power for each eye.