I.Fairy UV Raiden Pink Sclera Lens 22mm ( New )

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I.Fairy UV Raiden Pink Sclera Lenses 22mm gives you theatrical full eye contact lenses. It covers all of your eye apart from the pupil, which will supply you with a truly unique look! These lenses are always a favourite at Halloween, because they are ideal for ghostly wraith costumes giving you the perfect possessed look!. These lenses are also a favourite among fans of the hit TV show, Supernatural; they are ideal for replicated the possessed demon look no matter what your natural eye colour is.

It is more difficult to wear sclera lenses. You should have some experience with contact lenses before wearing it



Keep the sclera lens in the lens case with the suitable solution, this helps to avoid the lens from losing its moisture content. Circle lens is a personal items, it shall not be shared with others. Do handle with care, as it was very soft and delicate.


Sclera circle lens has a diameter of 22.0mm, as its much larger than most other circle lenses. There could be some discomfort while wearing it, and may even affect your vision. If such symptoms occurred, avoid activities that required good vision, such as driving.

Brand: I.Fairy

Origin: South Korea
Water content: 62%
Diameter: 22mm
Base Curve: 11
Duration: One Year Disposable


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