I.Fairy Siberian Blue Review by Satu13

29th Aug 2016

i. Fairy Siberian Blue lenses from - Review Here's a new review for my second pair of I.Fairy lenses ever, from the Siberian series by I.Fairy, in blue color.ICK Freshlook Turquoise, an … read more

What are Colored Contact Lenses?

16th Jun 2016

Colored Contact LensesSome contact lens wearers like to get colored contact lenses. There are even lenses known as plano lenses by eye care professionals, which refer to those lenses that have no cor … read more

3 Reasons Your Contacts Feel Dry

16th Jun 2016

3 Reasons Your Contacts Feel DryExperiencing a bit of dry eye? Don’t worry. That’s fairly normal. The good news is, most cases of dry eye are completely and easily treatable. Here are three very commo … read more
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