14th Sep 2016

I-CODI Colors Of The Wind No.2 Sweet Ruby by Tanzoir

I-CODI Colors Of The Wind No.2 Sweet Ruby 

I.fairy (www.ifairycon.com/) recently sponsored me with another pair of contact lenses, and today I want to review these for you! 

Before we start on the main review, I just want to say that the people at I.fairy are so sweet, helpful and friendly. They get back to you so quickly, and my experience with them is nothing but the best! 

This time around I decided upon the colour called Sweet Ruby. 

They are a beautiful mix between brown, reds and a slight pink. As always, the contact lenses came in the mail very quickly (10 days, and they actually had holidays coming up. Very impressed.), with a prescription at -2.50 on both eyes.

Contact lenses in their case.

Contact lenses on my eyes in different lightning.

Full face photo of me wearing the contact lenses.


Brand: I-CODI

Origin: South Korea

Water content: 55%

Diameter: 15 mm

Base Curve: 8.6

Duration: One Year Disposable

Enlargement 5/5

I generally don't want my circle lens to cover too much of my actual eye, as there is a fine line between "anime eyes" and "ghoul". These contact lenses got that covered. Anime eyes 101.

Comfort 5/5

I believe I wrote this in my first review of the I-Codi contact lenses; I've NEVER worn more comfortable contact lenses in my entire life. I secretly want to get contact lenses in EVERY single colour they have and use nothing but those the rest of my life, hahah. I generally don't have many issues with my eyes, but I usually end up with sore eyes at the 3rd day of the convention. Not with these!

Color 5/5

The colour Sweet Ruby is as mentioned above, a really sweet blend between browns, reds and pink. The colours are very well balanced. When I put them over my blue eyes, they get a slightly more violet tone, but can by no means be called violet.

Design 5/5

Even though you can see my natural blue through the pupil, as always with the I-Codi colors of the wind contact lenses, they blend very nice. And I tell you what, that's not always the case when you have light coloured eyes naturally. The design very much resembles the natural patterns that occur in human eyes, and by using the colours the way they have, they appear to have real depth!

My conclusion is that these contact lenses are among the best I've ever had, and that I actually want every single colour of the I-codi colors of the wind contact lenses.

Thankyou to I.fairy (www.ifairycon.com/) for letting me try their contact lenses once again. Last but not least, if you're interested in trying their contact lenses (which I highly recommend that you do), you can use the discount code TANZOIR15 for 15% off on your purchase!