Posted by Myuunyan on 22nd Mar 2016

I.Fairy Hanabi Red Review By Myuunyan

Review: I.Fairy Hanabi Red Review & I.Fairy Moonlite Yellow00:18:00MYUU Hello everybody, How are you? in the post today I bring the review of two lenses of my favorite brand, I Fairy, from the sh …

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Posted by felicitas on 21st Mar 2016

I.Fairy Kirei Green Review By Felikawaiiko

i.fairycon Kirei Green - Circle Lens ReviewHello everyone, it's Feli (´。• ᵕ •。`) ♡I'm sorrry for the long break (again), but now I'm back with a new review!! This time it'll be about my new lenses fro …

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Posted by Satu13 on 14th Mar 2016

Geo Nudy Golden Blue Review by Satu13

Geo Nudy Golden Blue review Hey guys! I haven't posted anything on my blog in a while, maily due to me being a lazy butthole~ But I'm planning to post a new EOS lens review soon and perhaps some othe …

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