I.Fairy Poppy Red Review by apeanutbutterfiend

15th Feb 2016

I.Fairy Con Poppy Red circle lens reviewGeez, It’s been over 1 whole month since I published anything!! sorry ’bout that :) . I waited to review these lenses from I.Fairy Con, a new circle lens site … read more

I-Codi Funcle No.111 Review By Rose Yume

12th Jan 2016

☆ Review ☆I'm back with another lens reviewww These ones are from ifairycon.comI'm reviewing these I-Codi No.111 white mesh lensesShop : … read more

I.Fairy Moe Moe Brown Review from Satu13

16th Nov 2015

I. Fairy Moe Moe Brown from ~ REVIEW And here goes a new circle lens review, I thought I wouldn't buy any for a while now but had to realize it's too boring to live without contact lens … read more

I-Codi No.37 Milk Lilac Review by Tanzoir

5th Aug 2015

I-CODI colors of the wind - Milk Liliac review Recently I.fairy ( gave me the chance to try out a pair of their contact lenses, and this will be a review of the lenses I got! I h … read more
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