29th Aug 2016

I.Fairy Siberian Blue Review by Satu13

i. Fairy Siberian Blue lenses from ifairycon.com - Review

Here's a new review for my second pair of I.Fairy lenses ever, from the Siberian series by I.Fairy, in blue color.

ICK Freshlook Turquoise, and just as I thought the pattern is very similar though this pair by iFairy has a slightly thicker blue ring in it and is also larger.

The (standard) shipping was pretty fast, it took 6 days from Malaysia to Sweden.

Water content: 55% Diameter: 16.2mm Base Curve: 8.6 Duration: One Year Disposable

In real life it's not as light as on the product photos, but it looks natural and very cute in its own way. Plus, I like how they blend in so well with my eyecolor.

Wore them longest for 7 seven hours, no complaints. I can't even feel them on my eyes so they're very verycomfortable!~

If somebody's looking for a subtle but noticable blue color I'd really recommend these lenses~


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