I-Codi Colors Of The Wind - No.29 Blue Rain

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Brand: I-CODI
Origin: South Korea
Water content: 38%
Diameter: 15 mm
Base Curve: 8.6
Duration: One Year Disposable



  • 4
    Colors of the wind: colors for all, even dark eyes!

    Posted by Emily H. on 24th Apr 2017

    I have been a fan of the COW series because their colors look vibrant yet natural, and this blue takes the cake! I have very dark brown eyes, and I was expecting a grey overlay with blue tints to my eyes, and I didn't get that. The blues blended well with the greys and remained opaque over my eyes! They are comfy and would need drops ever 4-6 hours, but definitely great for cosplay or casual cosmetic lenses!

  • 5
    A little different color on me than on the model...

    Posted by Damepiglet on 13th Oct 2015

    On my dark hazel / greenish brown eyes, these are a very visible bright blue... in some lights, it's more of a cornflower blue, in other light, it's kind of a faded denim blue. Very opaque, not realistic on me, but fun nonetheless. They do enlarge nicely, but I have other lenses that are much larger. They're comfortable for 5 hours or so before I need drops. I think these would be obvious / opaque on even darker eyes and would make a great cosplay lens. I really love the way the COW series is much more colorful around the outside and blends in to my natural eye on the inside... that prevents them from looking like lizard eyes.